Thursday, June 30, 2011

No Babysitting on the 4th of July

On Monday morning, July 4th, we will still be having our regularly scheduled Yin class, however, babysitting is cancelled for that day.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Yin Yoga

With the recent schedule change of adding a Yin class on Mondays, many have asked, "What is Yin Yoga?" Yin Yoga is a slower style of yoga, with poses designed to stretch the connective tissues of the body. Primary connective tissues include the hips, thighs and lower spinal area. These types of tissues do not stretch the muscles (as in the yang form of yoga) but they stretch and exercise the bone and joints areas of the body. This type of asana practice is beneficial to a wide variety of people.

The postures in a yin class are held for a much longer period of time, generally about three to five minutes, with some poses held even longer.

Yin yoga is a perfect match for yang yoga, and provides a deeper stretch. Although yin yoga is not as intense as other yang forms of yoga, its long duration can be difficult to maintain. Yin greatly increases mobility in the joints, peacefulness and relaxation in the mind, and an overall sense of well being.